Lewis Khan

The truly unique feature of our language is not its ability to transmit information about the world around us. Rather, it’s the ability to transmit information about things that do not exist at all. As far as we know, only Homo Sapiens can talk about entire kinds of entities that they have never seen, touched or smelled. Fiction has enabled us not merely to imagine things, but to do so collectively. We can weave common myths such as the biblical creation story, the Dreamtime myths of Aboriginal Australians, and the nationalist myths of modern states. Such myths give Sapiens the unprecedented ability to cooperate flexibly in large numbers.

Any large scale-scale human cooperation - whether a modern state, a medieval church, an ancient city or an archaic tribe - is rooted in common myths that exist only in people’s collective imagination. Churches are rooted in common religious myths. Two Catholics who have never met can nevertheless go together on crusade or pool funds to build a hospital because they both believe that God was incarnated in human flesh and allowed himself to be crucified to redeem our sins. States are rooted in common national myths. Two Serbs who have never met might risk their lives to save one another because both believe in the existence of the Serbian nation, the Serbian homeland and the Serbian flag. Judicial systems are rooted in common legal myths. Two lawyers who have never met can nevertheless combine efforts to defend a complete stranger because they both believe in the existence of laws, justice, human rights - and the money paid out in fees. Yet none of these things exists outside the stories that people invent and tell one another. There are no gods in the universe, no nations, no money, no human rights, no laws, and no justice outside the common imagination of human beings. - Yuval Noah Harari

Image maker, based in London.

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Clients / Features

  • Dazed
  • Vice
  • Wonderland
  • World Photography Organisation
  • The Guardian
  • FT Weekend Magazine
  • Huck Magazine
  • Richard Rogers Architects
  • Wallpaper*
  • Domus Magazine
  • Assemble
  • The New Statesman
  • LAW
  • Splash & Grab
  • Huck
  • Inventory

Awards / Exhibitions

  • Finalist ‘AOP Awards 2016’ ⋅ Truman Brewery ⋅ London ⋅ 2016
  • Aritst Talk ⋅ Recyclart ⋅ Brussels ⋅ 2016
  • Under the Same Sun artist film screening, South London Gallery ⋅ selected by Guggenheim Museum ⋅ South London Gallery & Recreative Editorial Board ⋅ 2016
  • Venice Biennale, International Pavillion ⋅ 2016
  • Shortlist ‘Magnum Graduate Photographer Award’ ⋅ 2016
  • Shortlist 'Magnum Graduate Photographer Award' ⋅ 2015
  • Artist Residency, The Chelsea & Westminster Hospital ⋅ 2015
  • Portrait Salon ⋅ London ⋅ 2015
  • Photofusion Salon ⋅ London ⋅ 2015
  • Fresh Faced + Wild Eyed ⋅ The Photographers Gallery ⋅ 2014
  • 1st Prize Shuffle Film Festival - The City ⋅ London ⋅ curated by Danny Boyle ⋅ 2014
  • RPS Intl. Print Competition 157 ⋅ 2014
  • The London Short Film Festival ⋅ 2014
  • Open City Docs ⋅ Docheads ⋅ London ⋅ 2014
  • Winner ⋅ Motorcade Flash Parade National Open ⋅ Bristol ⋅ 2013
  • Reely & Truly ⋅ Bold Tendancies ⋅ London ⋅ 2013

Commissioned portfolio available upon request